There are many important aspects to a strong financial plan. The correlation of these aspects is essential in creating a personalized financial plan and ensuring that the created plan meets the client’s stated financial/life goals and objectives. Below you will find what we feel are the six major aspects that make up a successful financial plan.

Investment Planning

– Global issues have had an increasingly greater effect on the condition of our markets on a daily basis, creating one global economy, with heightened volatility. Through asset allocation modeling and semi-annual to annual reviews, there is potential to increase return without increasing volatility.

Retirement Programming

– Social Security, inflation and taxes make the coordination of personal and employer retirement plans even more important. Our integrated retirement plans greatly reduce retirement gaps and can ultimately improve pension benefits. In addition, the integration and coordination of all types of retirement plans an individual or family may have, is imperative to effective planning. A few of the types of plans in which we specialize are 401(k), 403(b), 457, Traditional / Rollover IRA, Roth IRA, Simple IRA and SEP IRA.

Tax Planning

– Effective tax planning can save investor money and help them focus on investment strategy. It is therefore important to understand and prepare for the tax consequences various investment decisions may create.

Estate Planning

– Substantial changes in the estate tax laws in the last few years have made a regular review of wills, trusts and other estate documents an absolute necessity. We can help clients ensure their families are properly prepared and their estates are protected well into the future, in conjunction with your legal advisor.

Insurance Planning

– Our insurance network and expertise can help lower insurance costs and assist clients in the difficult decision of whether the following types of insurance are a necessity in their financial plan.
  • Term Insurance – estate and income protection
  • Permanent Insurance – permanent protection and effective estate planning vehicle
  • Disability Insurance – income protection
  • Long Term Care Insurance – estate and future dependency protection

Risk Management

– The opportunity for investment advancement cannot be achieved without taking some risk, however, it is important to identify each persons individual risk tolerance. Through the use of sophisticated techniques we can properly manage ones risks associated in all financial decisions.