Financial Planning, in its purest form, is the creation, investment and distribution of wealth. As financial planners, we must identify and quantify an individual’s financial objectives, and then assist them by providing the appropriate strategies to achieve those goals. This process explores and honors past experiences and knowledge, investigates and confirms present situations and designs the necessary steps in achieving an individual’s stated goals and objectives. We feel that it is imperative to understand not just the values of an individual’s financial assets, but also the values within that person’s life.

Our model of financial planning consists of a five-step process, which provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions through the management of your resources. We must attempt to make optimal decisions, projecting both the consequences of our actions and possibilities of achievement. As every individual is different, we formulate each unique plan to tailor towards the goals and objectives of that person.

The Financial Planning process involves the following five steps:

  • The realization and identification of financial and life goals
  • In-depth analysis of each individual’s financial situation, both past and present
  • Development of a plan to meet those self-defined goals
  • Implementation of the plan
  • Analysis and review as necessary to ensure the plan remains suitable, as a client’s needs and goals may change